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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Review – ABCD Drawing App

Yesterday one of my friends was trying to teach the alphabets to her toddler. She was trying to draw Alphabets on the plain paper and was teaching his kid to do the same. Really? It’s the 21st century and kids are already ahead of their time. In the era of online classes and e-learning, we can’t expect our young ones to read repetitive monotonous books. So, suddenly I started scrolling through some amazing educational apps that can lead learning with fun-filled sessions. I came across the ABCD Drawing App and trust me guys it was an amazing experience. Of Course I will share every bit of information about this application with you! ABCD Drawing App For Android Children tend to learn visual information easier and faster as compared to bookish materials. Not only this, visual learning also helps in enhancing knowledge and understanding for a particular subject. As said above there are many kindergartens and pre-schools that have started e-learning. Well, this interactive app offers the same perks to you. This is an educational app for kids to learn alphabets, draw and write. Your kids will learn all educational basic learning in a fun-filled way.

This intuitive application is divided into three sections alphabet learning, musical drawing, and practice writing. If we talk about Alphabet Learning, your kid will learn alphabets in a fun way. Whatever the alphabet will appear on the screen it will show the object to remember it more easily. Your young one will understand and memorize alphabets more easily. Not only this you can also switch exercise into landscape or portrait mode on your Android smartphone.

There are various features that you can experience in this module. 

● When you tap on the Select button it will jump to the alphabet according to your choice from the list.
● There is also a sound feature that will turn it on and off.
● If you want to repeat or play any alphabets there is a reply button.
● You can also tap on the Home button to go back to the main menu.

In the next section we will talk about Musical Drawing. When your kid will start accessing this module he will understand colors and different shapes. Not only this, there will also be a feature to draw anything on screen with the help of five colors. Therefore if you choose green color the background sound will tell you what color you have chosen. There are other screen instructions also available such as redo, erase, undo and save. I am mentioning some of the features of the module.

● You can choose from Pink, Violet, Blue, Green and Yellow colors to draw anything.
● Every color has separate musical notes.
● When you tap on the “New” it will give you a clear page to start your new drawings. 

Now let's talk about the last and final module of Practice Writings. Here your kid will adore basic writing techniques by putting his finger on the screen. Tracing was never easy but with this module your kid can learn alphabets and numbers very easily. Once the tracing is completed, tap on Done or reset to try again. This app also tracks down the results by showing the percentage of your letter tracing. 

Let's talk about some of its features: 

● You can trace any number of your choice on the screen.
● There are various screen instructions that can help you in retrying, or in tracing new alphabets.
● Here you will get capital letters, small letters and numbers ranging from 0-9. ABCD Drawing App Information
● Version –
● Compatible OS – Android 5.0 and higher versions
● Release Date – September 21st, 2020 ● File Size – 10 MB
● App Category – Educational Age – 5 +
● App Permission is required

Final Words

I hope you have enjoyed the amazing app review on ABCD Drawing App. If you have queries or questions regarding this application let us know in the comments section below.


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