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Sunday, May 3, 2020

How Vacation Rentals Have Transformed Vacation Planning

 Planning a vacation has taken on an extra meaning this year simply because, well, you know...2021. That said, once travelling starts back up in earnest, it's time to take into consideration vacation rentals as THE way to stay while on the road.

Being home in the way we have for months now has taught us all so much about what seeing the world really means. It's about exploring new lands, learning new languages, eating amazing food. It's also about getting the most out of how we travel.

Going on Costa Rica Vacation is something we all look forward to, but it's also something we are nervous about. We want everything to go right & to be as few hiccups as possible. We prepay things, make reservations, and do all we can to keep as few obstacles in our way. Unfortunately, we forget one real doozie --- where we're staying the night.

Lodging is something that we figure isn't too big a deal. After all, you just need a place to sleep, get washed up, and to leave your stuff in, right? Maybe, but how do you feel every morning while you're traveling? Much of the reason you hear about people wanting to take a "vacation from their vacation" is because they're beat. Traveling takes it out of you. Compound the back and forth during all of your sightseeing adventures, and you're really getting putting in some serious work.

Uncomfortable beds, spartan facilities, and drab surroundings are all a recipe for a rough stay. Sadly, most hotels have operated with this model for years. Even when you do find upgrades to rooms, you're usually paying more than you'd like, and that just seems unfair.

The travel industry was at a crossroads as more travellers discovered their power as shrewd consumers who demanded more. Enter vacation rentals. This alternative lodging experience was exactly what travellers had wanted for so long, and they really took off. Their popularity has made travel agencies the world over scramble to keep up with demand.

But what exactly do vacation rentals do better than traditional lodging options? Well, it's like this:

Budget-Friendliness --- If there is one thing a thrifty traveller loves, it's saving money wherever they can. Vacation rentals are available at many price-points. They also tend to have amenities like full kitchens, which makes it easier to dine "at home" & spend less on meals.

Flexible Floor Plans --- Multigenerational and multi-family travel has become quite popular, proving to be a great option for reunions and weddings. Even for single families, the idea of having floor plan options means being able to get much needed space.

Available Amenities --- Hotels tend to charge for everything you want & even for things you need. Vacation rentals offer many of the same amenities AND plenty of extras without additional costs.

Keeping the Noise Out --- Nothing spoils a nice trip somewhere than fellow travellers who don't understand neighbour etiquette. Thin walls and floors allow for plenty of noise from others to become your noise. This is especially tough to deal with when you decide to include a "hotel day" (we all need breaks, right?). Vacation rentals do one thing really well...give you plenty of privacy while still keeping you close to the action.

As travellers have done their best to navigate the kooky 2021 world, they done so trying to find the ideal way to book lodging while staying safe. Vacation rentals have been quite popular in this regard, and as everyone begins exploring the world yet again, their popularity will continue to explode. Just do yourself one favour --- DON'T WAIT TOO LONG! Booking is on fire, and if you him & haw too much, you'll miss out.

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