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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Matsya Puran PDF Download in English: Matsya Purana Free PDF Download

Matsya Puran PDF Download: Gita Press Matsya Puran Free PDF Download
Matsya Puran PDF Download: Gita Press Matsya Puran Free PDF Download


Matsya Puran PDF in English Free Download: Fellow worshippers can download the sacred text of Matsya Puran PDF in English from this page. We have uploaded and collected all related texts. Here on this page, we have provided the latest download link for Matsya Puran PDF in English Free. Please feel free to download it on your computer/mobile.

It is said that Matsya Purana describes the various aspects of human learning. Although quite small in size, Matsya Purana holds special significance amongst the 18 Puranas in terms of knowledge and learning. We also find mention of mythological texts like Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Harivansh Purana, Ramayana.

Matsya Puran PDF in English Free Download

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Matsya Puran






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About Matsya Puran

The Matsya Purana (IAST: Matsya Purāṇa) is one of the eighteen major Puranas (Mahapurana), and among the oldest and better preserved in the Puranic genre of Hindi literature in Hinduism. The text is a Vaishnavism text named after the half-human and half-fish avatar of Vishnu. However, the text has been called by the 19th-century Hindi scholar Horace Hayman Wilson, "although a Shaivism (Shiva-related) work, it is not exclusively so"; the text has also been referred to one that simultaneously praises various Hindu gods and goddesses.

The Matsya Purana has survived into the modern era in many versions, varying in the details but almost all of the published versions have 291 chapters, except the Tamil language version, written in Grantha script, which has 172 chapters.

The text is notable for providing one of earliest known definition of a Purana genre of literature. A history written with five characteristics is called a Purana, states Matsya Purana, otherwise it is called Akhyana. These five characteristics are cosmogony describing its theory of primary creation of the universe, chronological description of secondary creations wherein the universe goes through the cycle of birth-life-death, genealogy and mythology of gods and goddesses, Manvantaras, legends of kings and people including solar and lunar dynasties.

The Matsya Purana is also notable for being encyclopedic in the topics it covers. Along with the five topics the text defines a Purana to be, it includes mythology, a guide for building art work such as paintings and sculpture, features and design guidelines for temples, objects and house architecture (Vastu-shastra), various types of Yoga, duties and ethics (Dharma) with multiple chapters on the value of Dāna (charity), both Shiva and Vishnu related festivals, geography particularly around the Narmada river, pilgrimage, duties of a king and good government and other topics.

Download Matsya Purana PDF in English Free

Who are looking for Matsya Puran PDF in English for free then you can download it from below:

Download Matsya Puran PDF

FAQs Regarding Matsya Puran PDF in English Free Download

How many puranas are there in Hindu Culture??

There are 18 puranas in all of Hindu culture. You can find the link to many purans below.

Who wrote all 18 Puranas?

All puranas were written by Veda Vyasa.

The Rules For Performing Matsya Purana

The pandit who performs the Matsya Purana Katha should have knowledge of the reason & purpose behind this great book. Besides, he should have the necessary knowledge of the scriptures and the Vedas. According to the Matsya Purana, the person reciting it should be virtuous and of good character. While reciting Matsya Puran, both the Pandit and Yajaman (the host) should fast for seven days and should eat only one time in the entire day. Besides, there should be an arrangement of good, pure and vegetarian food for your loved ones and family. First, the underprivileged and needy people should take food, only after that, the family members should take food.

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